Ristić & Partneri Law Office, Novi Sad, Serbia

One of the leading law offices in the field of commercial law in Serbia

Property Law

Real estate is our top area of expertise. We advise clients in negotiations and the closing of sales contracts.

Commercial Law

Litigation, debt collection based on invoices for foreign and domestic companies, legal advice regarding efficient business, tax regulations.

Corporate Law

Advice on compliance and representation of legal entities in the event of capitalisation, joining or expulsion of members, the responsibility of directors.

Labor and Employment

Advising employers and employees on rights and obligations from labor relations; Drafting of agreements, bylaws and all types of contracts in the field of labor law

Intelectual Property

Counseling and representation in industrial property rights (trademark, patent), compensation for damages due to copyright infringement, media disputes.

Criminal Law

Defense and counseling in financial crime and tax evasion cases, directors' responsibilities for negligent work and accidents.

Family and Inheritance

Drafting of wills and other inheritance contracts, division of joint property of the spouses, divorce and custody.

Tax Advice

Consultations for business startup and running a business, advice on the most efficient form of business in Serbia and the region.

Dedicated to our clients' success

Ristić & Partners law office, which was founded in 1985, is now one of the leading Serbian law firms in the field of commercial law and constantly takes care of the business of our clients in the region of the former Yugoslavia as well as foreign clients in Serbia. Thanks to our portfolio of dedicated and narrowly specialized jurisprudence, our experience and work have trained seven young lawyers to become top legal strategists. With our company, you get reliable support and the right information before every step.

35 years of experience

Our law office was founded in 1985 and eversince has protected the rights of thousands of individuals and businesses, and had also trained scores of young jurists who are today all top professionals.

Dedication till Result

The hiring of our law office assumes an effort until the final and wanted result is achieved, with a special consideration of shortening the wait and minimizing the cost.

Law office with utmost professional and international experience


Having in mind the fact our law office was founded over 35 years ago, by hiring our law office you will partner not only with a renowned expert, but will be certain your road is a beaten path, many have walked before.

Top legal professionals

All lawyers and interns from Ristić & Partners law office have graduated strict state law faculties.

Success rate

Rest assured, if our lawyers explain the case is certain to be won, it shall be so.

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I express my great gratitude and recognition for everything done, for your selfless commitment, knowledge, perseverance until the final and successful completion. I know that there were many obstacles and inconveniences along the way that you had to overcome without giving in to them, which I especially appreciate and admire.

Miloš Ristić is a modern attorney.

All compliments to the Ristić Law Office. I will be happy to recommend you to my clients from Serbia because we have companies whose headquarters are in Serbia.

I have suggested the client to recommend that the developer uses a good Serbian attorney with exposure to international companies in order to explain the docs and propose some changes on behalf of the developer if need be. Hence I recommended your law office.