Ristić & Partners Law Office offers a wide range of legal services to all domestic and foreign companies and individuals with over 25 years of experience in which we have gained a reputation and respect in the profession itself and the trust of clients in Serbia and the region of SE Europe, which is reflected in the high expertise that few law offices have, a level of professionalism and dedication to the work and the needs of each individual client. Accordingly, we provide herwith a comprehensive overview of the services we perform.

Real property law | Citizenship & Residence | Agreements and Obligations | Dispute resolution | Criminal proceedings | Family and Inheritance Law | Execution Proceedings | Status of Companies - foundation and liquidation | Bankruptcy Proceedings | Commercial Law | Labor Law | Copyright and IP Law | Constitutional law | Administrative law | Legal advice


Real property law

  • Real property checkup in the public registries
  • Obtaining of documentation needed for building (location and building permits) and registration of ownership in the public registries
  • Advice and representation in property restitution proceedings and real property rights and its infringements
  • Advocacy and filing of legal actions in the field of land rights and legal issues related to real estate
  • Development of sales agreements, contracts and annexes thereof for the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Drafting and advising on contracts for the purchase and encumbrances
  • Determination of your and denial of third persons property rights in court proceedings
  • Representation in court and administrative disputes relating to property rights
  • Advising in rent and lease movable and immovable property (taxes, fees, etc.)
  • Drafting of lease agreements, property transfer minutes, representation in disputes arising regarding the lease 



  • Legal aid in obtaining of Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia
  • Registration of temporary and permanent residence, obtaining of work permit


Agreements and Obligations

  • Forging of documents for clients in all fields of civil and commerce law
  • Annulment and termination of agreements
  • Voiding of debtors agreements made for hindrance of debt collection 
  • Representation regarding payment by agreement, insurance, or criminal activities


Dispute resolution

  • Traffic accidents - preparation of claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage sustained
  • Drafting actions, appeals and motions before court occurred regarding the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage sustained and recourse claims against third guilty parties
  • Representation in indemnification claims regarding medical, expert, notary, public servant and other experts' errors
  • Preparation and submission of complaints before the Constitutional Court of Serbia and European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for violations of basic human rights (fair trial, property, freedom, speech)


Criminal proceedings

  • Tax evasion
  • Commercial embezzlement
  • Abuse of authorities in commerce
  • Other criminal acts in connection with commerce and banking


Family, Inheritance Law

  • Representation in proceedings for divorce, children custody, and division of common property Advising in matrimonial disputes
  • Preparation of agreements on the division of marital property
  • Preparation petitions, appeals and marital agreements
  • Representation in marital and extramarital disputes and disputes relating to maintenance
  • Drafting of life support agreements
  • Drafting agreements on the transfer and distribution of property during life
  • Drafting of wills / testaments
  • Drafting of agreements on gift
  • Representation in civil proceedings relating to dispute the above contracts and will
  • Representation in proceedings of forging or division of common property in marriage or other cases and prenuptial agreements


Execution Law

  • Drafting of notices on default and warnings for payment of debt
  • Checking of debtor's assets
  • Execution requests before court and private executors
  • Drafting for provisional and precautionary measures
  • Representation in the execution and implementation of performance
  • Drafting of remedies in enforcement proceedings


Bankruptcy law

  • Drafting of requests for insolvency of companies
  • Advising during the bankruptcy proceedings
  • Debt restructuring advice
  • Representation at the examination hearing and the hearings of the division
  • Participation in the work of the committee of creditors
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings as well as disputes arising from the bankruptcy proceedings


Status of Companies - foundation and liquidation

  • Full service for business start-ups: legal aid in choosing the adequate business form in legal, tax and registration sense,
  • Assitance in finding office space, accounting services to continuous legal aid throughout the life of a company
  • Drafting of documents required for registration in the register of Business Registry and other registers
  • Establishment of companies in the Business Registry 
  • Preparation of documents (articles of association) and changes to the subject's Business Registry 
  • Increase and decrease the initial capital of the company
  • Change of seat of companies
  • The establishment of branches of companies
  • Taking any other legal actions related to status changes of companies
  • Merger, acquisition and distribution companies
  • Acquisition of shares in companies
  • Transformation of Companies
  • Legal advice regarding ownership and management rights in the Company
  • Legal advice regarding the liquidation of companies


Commercial Law

  • Legal advice regarding all legal affairs of companies and individuals performing business
  • Preparation of legal actions and all kinds of applications in the field of commercial law
  • Representation of companies before courts and other authorities of the Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
  • Preparation of regular and extraordinary legal remedies in court
  • Drafting of all types of commerce agreements


Labor Law

  • Advice to Employers / Employees on the rights and obligations arising from employment agreements
  • Development of bylaws, statutes and internal regulations in the field of labor law
  • Preparation of employment agreements
  • Development of the director's (manager) agreement
  • Application for compensation for injuries sustained at work
  • Representation in any judicial proceedings from employment and the employment status (termination, mobbing, strikes, etc.)
  • Representation regarding the implementation of pension and disability rights
  • Obtaining work permits and operating permits for foreign workers


Copyright and Intelectual Property Rights

  • Representation in court proceedings concerning copyright and intelectual property infringements
  • Registration of copyrights, trademarks, and other IP rights with domestic and international registries
  • Drafting of copyright and intelectual property transfer agreements


Sports law

  • Drafting of agency agreements
  • Drafting of agreements on sport scholarships and stipends
  • Representation of parties in player transfer negotiations and agreements


Tax and Administrative law

  • Representation in administrative proceedings and litigation in the administrative disputes with state and local authorities
  • Representation in proceedings before the Tax Authority
  • Legal advice regarding doing business and signing of contracts with regard in tax implications
  • Expropriation, restitution, privatization, construction legalization and similar proceedings


Legal advice

  • Legal counseling clients and providing opinions about the parties' rights and legislation